When the concept to start an online shop came up, I thought we could cope on our own regarding the IT requirements. But it became obvious at the onset that a competent hand was required if we actually wanted professional and conversion-ready solution for our planned eCommerce website.

Now I’m very happy that you agreed to help us design and develop the best eCommerce website we could ever ask for in terms of looks, ease-of-use and robust features.

Even when we ran into some problems out of our own mistake and our store partially crashed, you were there all the way to assist us get back on our feet again. I can’t thank you enough.

I would also like to say that I have known Richard, just as a friend and a brother and wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend him to any person who cares for a professional website design work.


Ken Nwankwo (NG) Awufu Online Shop Awufu.com