Below, you can find and download unavailable but popular gateways payment plugin for Ramesh Elamathi's J2Store - Joomla Shopping Cart and eCommerce extension. These payment plugins are for some popular payment gateways that their plugins are not yet available on the official J2Store Payment Plugins marketplace.

Paystack Payment Plugin for J2Store

This plugin allows you to use Paystack ( payment gateway for processing payment in J2Store - Joomla Shopping cart and eCommerce extension.

With this plugin, you can process payment in any of the currencies supported by Paystack in your J2Store - Joomla shopping cart and eCommerce extension.

  • Enables acceptance of Credit Card (both local cards and international cards), Bank Transfer, GTB 737, Visa QR, Mobile Money, etc payments in J2Store - Joomla shopping cart and eCommerce extension

  • Store prices must be listed in any of the Paystack supported currencies before this payment plugin can work.

  • This plugin supports both the Paystack's Inline (on-the-site Modal Pop-up) and Standard (off-the-site Redirect) payment methods.

  • Requirements: J2Store version 3.2.10 or later; PHP version 5.6 or later

  • Latest version: Version 1.1 (Released: 19 June, 2020).

  • Licensing: You can use this plugin on one website. Additional purchase is required for each additional website.

  • Documentation: See full documentation here.